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Siding Repair

No matter which type of siding you choose for your homes exterior. Be it vinyl, lap or stucco, it will need to be repaired eventually. Smallish holes and dents can usually be fixed by our experts with minimal fuss and relatively inexpensively. They will use only the highest quality fillers, epoxies, hardeners and many more. The materials will harden and extend the life of your siding for years to come. Simply put, if you need it repaired, our experts at Moore Siding Company will get it done right, first time, every time.

Preventing Serious Damage
Should you siding present signs of splitting, warping, buckling or you have noticed a large area of mould developing, we suggest that you remove the entire section a have a closer look. If you discover moisture damage it could have been cause due to the building paper or flashing’s not being installed correctly at the installation stage.Windows and doors do however require a specialist touch that only our highly trained experts can deliver. So if your thinking of repairing any of your siding, you can clearly see there is only one option in the Moore Oklahoma district.

Sealing Those Joints
Sealing is a crucial aspect to making sure your siding repair or installation is done to the highest standards possible. A quality siding job needs to be well-sealed. If not, water may penetrate the gaps. This could cause damage to the sheathing or the backside of your siding. However as with everything , time can weaken even the best done sealing job. This is why it is extremely important to consistently check your sidings seal. Should you find any questionable areas, we implore you to call us straight away so we can answer all your questions

Vinyl Siding Repair
Due to the properties of vinyl siding, one should never drive the nails too deep into the siding. This is mainly due to the fact that vinyl siding tends to expand and contract depending on the ambient temperature. Nails should be loose enough to allow this process to happen without impeding it. But never fear, if you have already driven them too deep we can simply remove the siding and put it up again. So whether you need a couple of dents sorted or need to fully re-install the panel, we have the right solutions for you.

Stucco Repair
As one of the most popular choices when it comes to our clients, Stucco siding is often one of the most common siding repair job we carry out. Stucco is usually susceptible to small holes and cracks. To attack these problems we have a range of caulk or patch solutions to handle any job you may have for us. We then use our industry leading techniques to complete the job in a cost effective manner and with a level of service you would not expect. We promise your siding will be looking good as new in no time