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Vinyl Siding

This option of siding is one of the most popular when it comes to siding choices. This siding has a plastic exterior. It is most often used on houses and small apartment buildings. They can be chosen for their decorative appeal as they can easily a effectively imitate materials such as wood, fiber or fiber cement siding. They also offer our clients a fantastic ability to waterproof their structures. So if vinyl sounds like the option for you, give us a call today for an obligation-free quote and service with a smile.

Its Fire Safe
One of the worst disasters that can befall anyone is fire damage to their home or business. It can destroy everything. Vinyl siding is usually covered with a chlorine base coat. This makes it very slow to ignite and flame retardant. The biggest reason for this is that vinyl siding has such a high ignition point. This, as with any material that offers these fire protection properties provides your home or business with an extra level of protection that can save those precious seconds you may need in case of a disaster. Let’s help keep you safe.

How Long Will It Last
As a popular choice when it comes to choosing your homes cladding, vinyl siding can actually last our clients a very long time. It is the perfect choice for those clients who are not very DIY and don’t really have time for maintenance upkeep. Left untreated it can last up to 6O years. On the other hand, those clients who enjoy a bit of DIY can maintain a their vinyl siding and this will extend its lifespan up to 1OO years. How do you like that for a money saver while ensuring your homes always looks its best.

Pros And Cons
Vinyl siding offers a range of unique advantages for our clients. From being easy to obtain and install, to being inexpensive and easy to maintain. It also will not need to be repainted which will save on maintenance costs and worries. However, it does have a couple of draw backs you need to be aware of. It may lower the value of your home. It tends to allow moisture to collect and this can cause problems down the line. Lastly it isn’t the greatest when it comes to being environmentally friendly. For more tips and advice, don’t hesitate any further and get the experts in today

Insulated Vinyl Siding
For those customers of ours who are looking for that special insulated feel, we now offer insulated vinyl siding. This siding will not only keep your house looking beautiful, it will also reduce your monthly utility bills as it provides a excellent level of insulation. Besides the above, insulated sidings foam board will help provide extra stability and durability to your siding panels. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please feel free to pick up the phone or contact us via our website.