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James Hardie Fiber Cement Board Siding

As the leading name in the fiber cement siding industry, James Hardie offers only the highest quality siding solutions. This product is very durable and is almost 5x thicker than vinyl siding. Its has the fantastic ability to withstand anything Mother Nature can throw at it. From freezing temperatures, heavy winds, rain and many more. This gives your home years of protection without you having to worry about any extensive maintenance needs. To find out more about this industry leader. Give us a call right away and we will help you make the right choice

How Long Will It Last
One of the biggest plus factors when it comes to fiber cement siding is the fact that it last for so long. Up to 5O years without any maintenance being carried out on the sidings. Should you be a stickler for maintenance and insist on treating your siding to thorough clean every now and again, it can last the better part of 😯 years. This longevity also makes it environmentally friendly as it will not often be replaced. So if it hassle, maintenance free siding options you need, with a high level of durability, we think you have finally found it

These little bugs can cause massive and untold damage to your property and siding if not kept in check. Luckily for you, James Hardie fiber cement board siding is a fibrous concrete board and termites do not eat it at all. This is very crucial for all our clients who stay in areas with a warmer climate where termites can be very common. It is also extremely resilient when it comes to protecting itself from moisture. Some would even call it impervious. So if this sounds like the siding for you, lets get started today.

High-Pressure Cleaning
Our clients are always keen to discover what the best cleaning techniques could be for their newly installed James Hardie siding boards. First and foremost, please do not wash it with a high pressure hose. It can cause damage and is simply not needed. The best solution is a medium flow with a soft-bristled brush. This has proven itself the most effective cleaning technique for James Hardie siding boards. For more cleaning tips, visit our website today and we will help you to keep your siding looking as good as the day it was installed

Get It Coated And Colored
This process will not only add a level of protection to your siding, but it will also allow you to customize your siding so it will match your homes feel and look. At Moore Siding Company we recommend that you only use a grade acrylic latex. This should be applied in two coats. Making sure the second is only applied once the first has completely dried. Our experts will then use a prayer application to give you that smooth, professional appeal and look. So let’s get you sorted so you can start enjoying your gorgeous new home in all its glory