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Wood & Steel Siding

These are by far two of the most popular materials when it comes to siding choices. While wood gives you that natural beautiful feel. It is also very environmentally friendly and does not have a major production footprint when being produced. It does however need a bit more maintenance than its steel counterpart. Steel on the other hand provides a level of durability and functionality that wood simply can not. For more pros and cons when it comes to these siding materials, visit our website today to find out exactly what would suit you best.

Wood Siding On Steel Buildings
For some reason, clients and the population at large seem to be under the impression that you cannot place wooden siding onto a steel building. Well we are here to tell you that you most certainly can. In fact this is one of the best combinations when it comes to siding. Your building will still have its strong foundations. While the wooden siding will give you that natural look and feel that will have all your neighbors in awe of your beautiful new siding. From pine, oak and many more, we have the wooden siding options for you

Disadvantages Of Wooden Siding
Easily the biggest drawback to wooden siding is that it offers little to no insulation. It is also very prone to being easily damaged and this will require regular weather stripping and painting. So if you are planning on a new installation or simply looking for some expert advice. Give us a call at Moore Siding Company today and we will gladly provide you with all the pros and cons as it pertains to wooden siding. Ensuring you are fully informed before making any important decisions. So lets get it done immediately and without any delay

Steel Siding Longevity
Steel at its core is a material that is extremely durable and resilient no matter what is thrown at it. This provides it with a longevity that few other materials can even get close to. This is no different when it comes to steel siding. A choice that is popular when our clients want a low maintenance siding solution. This option can last our client anywhere from 4O to 6O years depending on how often they commit to a maintenance regime. It also only needs to be re-painted every 15 to 2O years depending on the areas weather condition’s and general wear and tear.

Disadvantages Of Steel Siding
We ask our homeowner clients to carefully balance the advantages and disadvantages that steel siding can offer. One of the biggest disadvantages is corrosion and rust. This issue is caused by a prolonged exposure to moisture and needs to be addressed immediately. It is also one of the more expensive siding solutions when it comes to cost per square meter. This siding option can also be difficult to install and extremely energy inefficient. So please, lets us help you weigh up these pros and cons so we can choose the perfect siding material for the job you need done