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Siding Replacement

This is a decision that should not be taken lightly at all. New siding is a long term commitment. You will have to live with it for many years to come to choose wisely. There are a couple of key aspects you need to get right when it comes to choosing the right siding for you. Color, materials and choosing the right time of year are extremely crucial aspects to making an informed decision. Lastly you need to choose a professional siding company like the folks at Moore Siding Company. We promise we wont let you down.

Repair Or Replace
This key consideration can either save you money or help you waste it. So how do we decide what you need? Firstly if our expert site inspector notes that the general state of your siding is in good shape, bar a few knocks and bumps caused by Mother Nature, they will simply identify the problem areas and apply the appropriate siding repair techniques. However, if water has entered the damaged areas and caused cracking. The best choice is new siding. As you can see we know what we are talking about, so ask the experts.

Discoloration On The Finish
Even to the DIY experts, discoloration of siding boards are a clear sign that replacement is now a must. This effect is predominantly caused by excessive UV exposure. This is especially hard on vinyl siding which will become extremely brittle and eventually crack. Wood siding is usually easier to repair as one can stain or repaint the affected siding. However this will only delay the inevitable as it will eventually show even more prominent signs of siding. So lets help you make an informed decision when it comes to all your siding needs.

Water Damage
While most sidings are extremely resistant to water damage, time can take its toll and water will get in. This is especially true for poorly maintained wooden siding. Eventually the barrier that was once there protecting you from the outside world and elements will fade and loose their effectiveness. Water damage will weaken the siding, seep through and potentially damage your interior drywall and then eventually affect the structural soundness of your home. If this sounds like a problem you would like to avoid no matter what. Give us a try today and we will help you stay ahead of things.

Pickng The Right Replacement
The right siding replacement choice is just as important as replacing it in the first place. Most of these discussions will be around the actual material you choose for your siding. After considering factors such as lifespan, durability and cost, we urge you to make the decision as soon as possible. This will ensure the problem that caused the need for replacement in the first place no longer causes any hassles or future problems for you and your loved ones. Now pick up the phone or email us directly so we can get the job done right away and make you to-do-list just that little bit shorter.